Board & Committees


Policy Board

The HRMPO Policy Board is comprised of high level staff and elected officials from the member jurisdictions as well as transportation agency representatives. It is the function of the Policy Board to act as a policy body coordinating transportation planning and related implementation activities within the metropolitan area. They meet regularly to discuss issues and make informed decisions about future transportation projects, initiatives and improvements, and provide leadership for the comprehensive, cooperative, and continuing transportation planning process. Currently, the Policy Board has 12 voting members and five non-voting members who are elected or appointed to represent the City of Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, the Towns of Bridgewater, Dayton, and Mt. Crawford, State and Federal transportation agencies, and James Madison University.

The Policy Board is responsible for making all of the official decisions of the MPO, including adoption of the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) and the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and other plans and programs as necessary. The Policy Board meets on the third Thursday of the month as needed.

Technical Advisory Committee

The HRMPO Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is comprised of city, county, town, and agency staff with expertise in planning, engineering and related fields. The primary responsibility of the TAC is to conduct technical reviews and analysis regarding all work activity of the UPWP, LRTP, TIP and any related issues and programs as specified by HRMPO’s Policy Board, and to advise the Policy Board on technical issues concerning transportation.