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Dinkel Avenue/Friedens Church Road Corridor Study

This study of the Dinkel Avenue/Friedens Church Road corridor between the I-81 Exit 240 interchange and VA 42 (Main Street) in the Town of Bridgewater will align future land uses along the corridor with appropriate transportation infrastructure, balancing multi-modal needs with existing freight traffic and other demands.

The study will analyze existing conditions and forecast future travel demand on this corridor based on future land uses defined in locality Comprehensive Plans.

Future travel demand based on anticipated land uses will inform the development of proposed typical roadway cross sections for this corridor.

HRMPO is working with consultants Vanhasse Hangen Brustlin (VHB), VDOT and localities on the study, which kicked off in September 2023. The study will conclude by June 2024.

HRMPO will seek input from stakeholders and the general public about their use of and vision for the corridor, and present draft alternatives to the public before finalizing the Study.

The final study report will document the analysis of future transportation demand and will provide up to three (3) typical sections to align Dinkel Avenue with projected future land uses.

Typical sections will consider access management needs and multimodal facilities for the corridor to effectively balance the needs of and vision for the study corridor through a lens of safety, accessibility, and mobility.

Friedens Church Road looking west