The Harrisonburg community is invited to come learn about a project that will bring sidewalks and bike lanes to Evelyn Byrd Avenue and a portion of University Boulevard while reconfiguring both roadways to improve safety.

Harrisonburg Public Works will host an open house Thursday, Oct. 26, from 3 to 6 p.m. at the Hyatt Place Harrisonburg, 1884 Evelyn Byrd Ave., where community members will learn about the project and have an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback on the reconfiguration plans.

The entirety of Evelyn Byrd Avenue, and University Boulevard from East Market Street to Reservoir Street, will see the existing four vehicle lanes converted to one vehicle lane in each direction with a two-way center turn lane to provide access management and improve safety. Such projects are proven to reduce rear-end and left-turn crashes and reduce speeds to be more consistent with posted speed limits.

Additionally, the project will see sidewalks added to University Boulevard on both sides, and on Evelyn Byrd Avenue on the north/east side to connect sporadic sections of existing sidewalk. Bike lanes will be added along both University Boulevard and Evelyn Byrd Avenue, and bus shelters and benches will be added to bus stops.
Harrisonburg Public Works believes the project will result in key improvements such as:

• Improved access management throughout both corridors with the addition of the two-way center turn lane.
• Improved bicycle and pedestrian network connectivity with the addition of bike lanes and sidewalks.
• Improved transit rider services with the addition of bus shelters and benches.

(Above) A map showing where work is proposed to take place on University Boulevard and Evelyn Byrd Avenue.
“We are seeing traffic improvements and hearing positive community feedback on three reconfiguration projects that took place in Harrisonburg this summer, we are looking forward to the University Boulevard and Evelyn Byrd project having a similar positive impact,” Harrisonburg Public Works Director Tom Hartman said. “We are working to build upon this community-focused, complete street approach to better accommodate the needs of all who travel in the city, encouraging safer travel for vehicular traffic, increased connectivity and accessibility for bicyclists and pedestrians and enhanced bus stop facilities.”
Attendees of the open house will have the opportunity to:

• View educational displays about University Boulevard and Evelyn Byrd Avenue reconfigurations
• View Bike Box concepts and information related to the proposed placement
• View sidewalk and bus stop shelter installation plans
• Speak directly with City staff about the project
• Receive a project brochure in English and Spanish                                                                                                                              • Express thoughts and questions through a public questionnaire that will be available during and after the event.

This project is funded by a Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Smart Scale grant. More information about the University Boulevard and Evelyn Byrd Avenue project may be found online at

The project questionnaire will be available digitally until Nov. 27 in English and Spanish. Written or oral questions and comments may be submitted to Brittany Clem-Hott by emailing or calling 540-434-5928, before or after the open house.