Virginia travelers can now search local transportation options in a “one-click” directory for public transit, human service, and specialized transportation providers and services. The service, called Transportation Navigator, is according to the Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) “the most thorough online archive of public transportation information in Virginia.”

Transportation Navigator is available on DRPT’s website. The service includes selecting drop-down menu options for services and service areas, and displaying the results on an interactive map.

The page has two types of information: resource listings on the VirginiaNavigator platform, and transit route, schedule, and stop information to help riders plan trips through a variety of trip planning platforms including Google Maps and other mobile apps.

DRPT partnered with VirginiaNavigator, a non-profit organization, Trillium Transit, a leader in GTFS development, and Kimley-Horn, a planning and design engineering consultant. View the official press release here.