The Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment (OIPI) presented the SMART SCALE Round 3 DRAFT Funding Scenario to the CTB on January 15th. The draft scenario selects the top scoring projects until remaining District Grant Program and High Priority Project funds are insufficient to fund the next highest scoring project.


How to Read a Scorecard:

The VDOT Staunton Construction district did very well overall, with a total of $28.5 million in funding for 16 projects recommended. Of that total, the CSPDC Region received $14.7 million in total funding for 9 projects.

HRMPO Staff will continue to follow the project selection process and share updates as the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB works toward a draft FY 2020 Six Year Improvement Program (SYIP) in the spring, and then adopts the SYIP in June, 2019.