The movement of people and goods is important for Virginia’s vitality and competitiveness.  During the past three years, Virginia’s multimodal transportation agencies have prepared a series of plans and documents that make up Virginia’s Statewide Multimodal Transportation Policy Plan, VTrans2040, and there is now an opportunity to review the latest elements and provide your comments.  We specifically would like your feedback regarding transportation recommendations for 2025 and our draft 2040 plan for freight in Virginia.

Every four years, the Code of Virginia directs the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB), with assistance from the Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment (OIPI), to conduct a comprehensive review of transportation needs and prepare a long-range vision in a Statewide Transportation Plan – VTrans. The development of VTrans2040 was initiated in spring 2014, and the Vision Plan and 2025 Needs were approved by the CTB in December, 2015.  The VTrans Multimodal Transportation Plan (VMTP) is part of the overall VTrans plan. The VMTP includes not only the 2025 Needs Assessment, but will conclude with 2025 Recommendations, a 2040 Freight Element, and a 2040 Scenario Analysis.  OIPI is presenting the new VMTP components during the CTB Fall Transportation Meetings currently being held in each construction district.  The public can comment on these VMTP elements, as follows, through October 17, 2017.  They are available at

An informative overview of the Commonwealth’s Transportation System, Transportation in Virginia is also available on the website for the public to comment on.

Please share your comments on VTrans2040 using this link: (A link is also provided on the respective pages)