VTrans is Virginia’s multimodal transportation plan developed by the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) every four years. It identifies the vision and goals, investment priorities, and implementation strategies for transportation projects and programs over the next 25 years. The plan is currently in the process of being updated as required by federal law. The Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment (OIPI) coordinates VTrans updates, working closely with partner transportation agencies.

VTrans Mid-term Needs are a companion to the long-range element of the VTrans update process, and provide direction toward achieving the plan’s overarching vision and goals. The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) approved the VTrans Mid-term Needs on January 15, 2020. The Mid-term Needs identify critical transportation issues that are anticipated over the next decade between 2020-2030. The needs also serve as important criteria for projects applying for SMART SCALE funding – a State grant funding program focused on addressing the most critical transportation needs in Virginia.

The Mid-term Needs and most recent VTrans updates are detailed in the VTrans Information Resource Kit.